Our Story!


Covermecutee: Empowering Modesty, Inspiring Change Since 2019

"Join us in making a difference with every garment you purchase! At CoverMeCute, we are deeply committed to empowering women worldwide through the clothes they wear. Our core value lies in supporting initiatives like the Empower Her campaign in Africa, where we donate to help women kickstart their own sewing businesses by providing essential equipment.

We firmly believe that when we empower a woman, we empower an entire nation. By investing in these women's futures, we are fostering independence, creativity, and entrepreneurship within their communities.

So, as you browse through our collection and select your favorite pieces, remember that your choice is not just about style—it's about making a positive impact. Together, let's continue to empower women and create lasting change, one stitch at a time."

Our story

The journey of Modesty is a continuing effort , we are here to meet you, where ever you are!


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