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Business Boot Camp

Business Boot Camp

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This Business Boot Camp offers an accelerated coaching session to help small business owners leverage drop shipping, manufacturing, Facebook ads and content creation for launching, scaling and profiting from their home-based business. With domain expertise in abayas, overgarments, semi-swings baby doll dresses and more, participants will gain valuable insights on the best practices for finding manufacturers, creating content that converts, scaling their business, and selling online. The course includes a question and answer session.

 3 Hours of intense coaching and valuable information others do not want to share.


Are you a mom who wants to work from home and run your own business? Do you lack e-commerce or social media marketing experience, and experience anxiety when thinking about posting yourself on social media? Do you find Instagram and TikTok confusing and intimidating? Are you a mom with an all-over-the-place schedule, convinced you can't manage a business from home? Have you seen 'business coaches' with no e-commerce expertise, selling their services? If any of this applies to you, I understand. As a clothing brand entrepreneur, I've been in your shoes. You need an experienced e-commerce advisor who can guide, motivate and remind you of your dreams. Utilize our system to plan, teach and automate, so you can make money in your sleep. This boot camp is for serious business owners new or relatively new to the online space, and are committed to seeing results within 60 days. I only work with those who are truly ready to make money. 

Class is on march 12th 2023 Time 12pm EST


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