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Facebook ads 6 weeks intensive training

Facebook ads 6 weeks intensive training

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Are you exhausted from exhausting organic content in order to keep up with the algorithm? Tired of having to produce reels and thinking up ideas to draw in customers? Do you assume you've done enough in terms of posting regularly yet your progress has plateaued and you can't manage to move from 5 to 6 figures? You've gone through plenty of business coaching which encourages you to post 3-5 times daily and yet you see their SPONSORED ADS in your feeds on a daily basis? Do you wish to step away from social media yet still boost your business's sales and ascend to a higher level? Have you utilized ad agencies just to have them demand a vast sum of money or even a portion of your business? Do you prefer to focus on what you love (product development) and let Facebook do the marketing for you? This is precisely how I felt when I made up my mind to apply all my energy towards learning FB ads to be able to gain steady sales and have.


6 weeks of intensive do with you ads setup, ad copy and breaking down what works and does not work for your specific product to be able to gain consistent sales that will take your business to the next level.This is not a prerecorded class

Classes are scheduled to accommodate both parties availabilty.


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