Queen Amina: Black Muslim Women That Shaped Islamic History

Queen Amina: Black Muslim Women That Shaped Islamic History

In celebration of black history month, we would be writing about one of the legendary queens in black history known as Queen Amina.


Queen Amina of Zaria (1588–c.1610) was a legendary queen of the Hausa people of what is now northern Nigeria. She was born into the royal family of Zazzau, which is now known as Zaria, and she is widely known for her military and economic prowess. Amina is believed to have been the first female ruler of the Hausa people, and she is credited with the expansion of her kingdom to encompass over 200 cities.

Zazzau's power and influence in the region rose significantly during Queen Amina's reign, as she was able to successfully defend her borders and extend her control over newly conquered lands. She was also successful in strengthening diplomatic ties with other states in the region, such as Kanem-Bornu and Bornu, as well as establishing trade ties with the Portuguese and with other powers in the Mediterranean.

During her reign, Zazzau became one of the most prosperous and powerful states in West Africa. She also encouraged the growth of commerce, education and the arts, and was a patron of crafts such as leatherwork, weaving, dyeing and metalworking.

After her death, her legacy is celebrated throughout northern Nigeria, and she is often seen as an example of female leadership and a symbol of strength and courage.

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