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Our mission

At covermecutee we focus on creating fashion forward, effortless Modest pieces to keep you covered,cute and comfortable!

Our Story!

Have you ever felt the deep emotional struggle of desperately searching for the perfect attire to match a special occasion? The memory of that daunting quest for a vibrant, free-flowing ensemble for a summer event with my beloved husband years ago remains etched in my heart. Every fiber of my being yearned for a colorful, elegant garment that would gracefully cascade around me. Alas, my hopes were dashed when I discovered a daringly high slit in the enchanting color block Maxi circle skirt that had initially captured my attention.


As a modest woman navigating the realm of the Western world, the perpetual challenge of finding suitable clothing weighs heavily on my spirit. The quest for modesty in a sea of immodest options is a constant battle, leaving me feeling vulnerable and disheartened.

This transformative experience ignited a profound journey for me and my dear family members. United by a shared passion, we embarked on a mission to create contemporary attire that beautifully blended fashion, functionality, and modesty, catering to the needs of everyday women like ourselves. Our humble journey commenced in 2019, and although it brought us numerous hours hunched over the sewing machine, it was not without sacrifice.

The toll on my body became evident, as I bore the brunt of a neck, left arm, and chest muscle injury from those tireless sewing sessions. Yet, despite the physical setback, our determination only intensified. We evolved from mere seamstresses into proud manufacturers, committed to delivering garments of the highest quality to you, our cherished customers.

Our dedication to this cause has deepened with each passing day, as we recognize the profound impact modest clothing can have on the lives of women. The pursuit of our vision may have altered our path, but it has not diminished our resolve. We stand unwavering, ready to bring you garments that embody the essence of modesty, contemporary style, and uncompromising functionality.