Making a statement,one piece at a time!

The clothing you have always dreamed of wearing, with an extra touch of modesty.

Aisha Hoodie

Hoodie Abaya for fall and winter
  • Be Unique, stay modest!

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  • Aisha comes in multiple colors, sizes and custom length according to your height!

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    Ayana is a loose fit elegant dress. It comes with a matching belt but can be worn without it. It’s a one size fit most and customized to your specific height at check out.

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Nothing as elegant as modesty...
  • Special occasion collection!

    We carefully created these pieces for special occasions when you want to stay modest but look gorgeous. We want you to have options for every occasion.

  • Aline casual with matching hijab and pockets.

    Different colors 
  • Amira princess dress

    ready for the reveal 
  • Special occasion collection

    Are you the bride? Or is it eid? How about being the wedding guests? We have created beautiful modest pieces that could fit multiple occasions. You can also contact us for custom made

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  • Casual day to day collection

    Our dresses are made for you to grab, slide on and go. They come with a matching head scarf, so you don't have to look for one. Our dresses, skirts, and tops have pockets because why not?

    Example collection 
  • Activewear collection

    Don't withdraw from the society because you don't have the right outfits for specific occasions. Are looking for gym wear, swim wear or active hijabs that covers properly? say less we got you covered.

    Example collection 
  • Hijabs and accessories collection

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Aline dresses with pockets and matching scarfs

Tayo Aline dress set

Made with a matching scarf

It doesn't matter if you are short or very tall; we got you! Each dress can be customized to your height.


Ohio ACE approved teaching children 12 years and older how to sew.

We have sewing classes for the morning and evenings to fit your schedules

  • Learn how to make Aline dresses and more


Our Tribe

Covermecutee is a black-owned small business, created in 2014. We create Muslim/ modest outfit that covers the body in a cute way. Our mission is to keep encouraging our ladies to stay modest and have a variety of beautiful choices to choose from.

We create hand made customized clothes and factory-made ready to wear outfits.

We are teach sewing classes online for anyone that has a passion for sewing.

  • Our African heritage brings out bright, bold colors and prints.

  • Contact us for any questions or inquiries about custom-made items or concerns.

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