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Taking You back to the beginning!

What We Do!

Covermecutee is on a mission to redefine fashion, seamlessly blending modesty, contemporary style, and unwavering functionality. Join us in making a difference as every dress purchased contributes to our initiative, "Dresses for Dreams," donating school uniforms to African children in need. Subscribe now and be part of Covermecutee's journey where fashion is a statement, and every stitch makes a meaningful impact.

Our Story!


Covermecutee: Empowering Modesty, Inspiring Change Since 2019

In a world dominated by trends that often compromise modesty, the journey of Covermecutee began as a personal odyssey for a modest woman seeking solace in the realm of the Western world. The perpetual struggle to find suitable clothing, preserving dignity in the face of immodesty, weighed heavily on her spirit. This struggle birthed a transformative vision that would not only redefine fashion but also contribute to a noble cause.

In 2019, a family united by shared passion embarked on a mission to create contemporary attire that seamlessly blended fashion, functionality, and modesty. The journey was no easy feat; countless hours were spent hunched over sewing machines, with each stitch carrying the weight of sacrifice. The toll on the body was evident, as injuries manifested from the tireless dedication, including a neck, left arm, and chest muscle injury. Yet, these setbacks only fueled the flame of determination.

From humble seamstresses, the family evolved into proud manufacturers, committed to delivering garments of the highest quality. The dedication to this cause deepened with each passing day, recognizing the profound impact that modest clothing can have on the lives of women. The pursuit of this vision altered paths but did not diminish resolve. Covermecutee stands unwavering, ready to bring you garments that embody the essence of modesty, contemporary style, and uncompromising functionality.

Our New Initiative: Dresses for Dreams

As we navigate this journey, we understand the power of fashion to create positive change. Introducing our new initiative, "Dresses for Dreams." For every dress purchased, Covermecutee pledges to donate a school uniform to an African child in need. Education is a beacon of hope, and through this initiative, we aim to empower the next generation with the tools they need to dream, aspire, and succeed.

By choosing Covermecutee, you not only embrace the beauty of modest fashion but also become a part of a greater movement. Join us in making a difference—one dress at a time.

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