Black History: Umm Ayman

Black History: Umm Ayman

In another episode of today's Black History blog, we will be talking about Umm Ayman, one of the notable black women who shaped Islamic history.



Barakah bint Tha’alaba also known as Umm Ayman was a slave woman who served as a nurse and caregiver for the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She was born in Makkah and was a former slave of Abu Lahab, one of the Prophet's uncles. She was freed from slavery by the Prophet's grandfather, Abdul-Muttalib, and became a devoted follower of Muhammad.

Umm Ayman was a close companion of the Prophet, and is said to have played a significant role in his life and the early history of Islam. She served as a nurse for the Prophet and his family, and is remembered for her kindness, compassion, and devotion to her faith.

After the death of the Prophet, she continued to play an important role in the Muslim community, and is said to have had a close relationship with many of the Prophet's companions. She is remembered as a respected and honored figure in Islamic history, and her legacy has been passed down through the generations.

Today, Umm Ayman is revered by Muslims around the world as a symbol of devotion, compassion, and selflessness. Her life and legacy continue to inspire and influence many people, and she is remembered as a beloved and respected figure in Islamic history.

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