WHAT IS ASURA and how we can benefit from this special time

WHAT IS ASURA and how we can benefit from this special time

WHAT IS ASURA and how we can benefit from this special time

Assalamu Alaikum, dear readers!

Welcome to this new blog episode. Today, we're diving into a significant and special time in the Islamic calendar that many of us might have heard about but may not fully understand—Asura. Let’s explore what Asura is, its historical importance, and how we Muslims can benefit from this unique period.


What is Asura?

Asura, also spelled Ashura, is the 10th day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It holds profound significance in Islamic history and tradition for a variety of reasons. The word "Asura" itself comes from the Arabic word for "tenth" (عَشَرَة), emphasizing its place on the tenth day.

Historical Significance of Asura

Asura is marked by a number of important events in Islamic history:

  1. The Deliverance of Prophet Musa (Moses) and the Israelites: According to Islamic tradition, Asura commemorates the day when Allah saved Prophet Musa (AS) and the Children of Israel from the tyranny of Pharaoh by parting the Red Sea. This event symbolizes the triumph of faith and the power of divine intervention.

  2. The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS): For many Muslims, particularly in the Shia community, Asura is a day of mourning. It marks the tragic martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and his companions at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD. This event is remembered for the immense sacrifice and steadfastness in the face of oppression.

  3. Fasting on Asura: The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) observed fasting on this day and encouraged others to do the same. He noted that fasting on Asura would expiate the sins of the past year.

How Can We Benefit from Asura?

Asura offers numerous spiritual and moral lessons that we can incorporate into our daily lives. Here are a few ways we can benefit from this special time:

  1. Fasting: One of the most recommended acts during Asura is fasting. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, "For fasting the day of Asura, I hope that Allah will accept it as expiation for the year that went before" (Sahih Muslim). Fasting not only purifies the soul but also serves as a form of gratitude and reflection.

  2. Reflection and Repentance: Asura is an ideal time for introspection. Reflect on your actions over the past year, seek forgiveness from Allah, and make sincere intentions to improve. The story of Prophet Musa (AS) reminds us of the power of faith and the importance of remaining steadfast in our beliefs.

  3. Charity and Kindness: The tragic events of Karbala emphasize the importance of standing up against injustice and helping those in need. Use this time to engage in charitable acts, be it through donations, volunteering, or simply being kind and supportive to those around you.

  4. Solidarity and Unity: Asura is a reminder of the importance of unity among Muslims. Despite our differences, we are united in our faith. This day encourages us to come together, support one another, and work towards common goals for the betterment of our communities.

  5. Learning and Teaching: Educate yourself and others about the historical and spiritual significance of Asura. Share the stories of Prophet Musa (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) with your family and friends to keep these important lessons alive.


Asura is not just a day of fasting or mourning; it is a time for deep reflection, gratitude, and commitment to our faith. By observing Asura, we reconnect with our history, purify our hearts, and strengthen our resolve to live a life of righteousness and compassion.

May Allah accept our fasts, forgive our sins, and grant us the strength to follow the path of righteousness. Thank you for joining me in this exploration of Asura. Until next time, Assalamu Alaikum!


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