How to get ready for Jummah Prayer

How to get ready for Jummah Prayer

How to get ready for Jummah Prayer

As Muslims, we all know that the day of Jummah is a very special day to us and we strive to endeavor and prepare ourselves to earn the reward and pleasure of Allah (SWT). Here are a few tips on how to get ready for the Jummah prayer:


1. Take a shower: It is important to be clean before prayer.
2. Prepare your clothes: Make sure you have your clean clothes ready before Jummah salaat begins so that you don’t waste time.

3. Listen to some Islamic lectures: Listening to Islamic lectures and reminders before Jummah salaat will help you focus on the importance of prayer.

4. Read the Qur’an: Reading some verses of the Qur’an will help you have the right frame of mind for the prayer. It is recommended we recite Surah Al-Kahf.

5. Make du’a: Make du'a for yourself and your family that Allah will accept your Jummah salaat and forgive your past sins.
6. Make sure to be early for Jummah salaat: It is important to be early in order to get the best spot.

7. Join the congregation: Try to join the congregation early so you don’t miss any prayer.

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