Taking Islamic Modesty to another level

Taking Islamic Modesty to another level

Covermecutee LLC is a modest fashion brand here in the USA, we create top modest fashion with vibrant colors to keep your wardrobe attractive and motivate you to stay coveredTaking Islamic modesty to another level.

The CEO/Creative designer sprinkles a dash of her African vibrant colors to every piece that she creates.


What makes covermecutee designs unique is the fact that her designs are plus-size friendly and the length of her dresses are customizable.

If you are under or beyond the average height she will make your dress fit your unique body.


Covermecutee provides ready to wear and custom made casuals and occasional outfits like wedding dresses and so on.


Covermecutee continues to stand out with her newly created COLOR BLOCK MOOD HIJAB which is a color block hijab to create MENTAL AWARENESS and uplift people's mood through color therapy.

Be on the lookout for MOOD HIJAB which will be released in January insha Allah.

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